Mini Storage for My CarWe understand the need to organize your living spaces. Obtaining a mini storage unit can be the best way to do this. Whether your belongings require a climate-controlled environment, or your storage difficulties are large, we offer solutions for every extra-item and keepsake dilemma. Here are some of the personal belongings which can be successfully stored.

Keep your old vehicle if you have a family member or relative with a young driver. Don’t use up extra space around your block or pay for parking that you won’t need; use Mini Storage in anticipation of a car sale. If your car is the sort with a roll-top roof and can only be used part of the year, it will never be safer than in the locked, climate-controlled storage unit.

Appliances and Electronics
If you know a person who would benefit from your old appliances – but has not yet come to pick them up; store them. Electronics should be put into a climate-controlled unit. Sometimes during renovations extra storage is just what you need.

Do you have children? Is someone expecting a baby in the future? Keep your outgrown items safe for the next person in your family who will need them. Hang onto seasonal toys with ease. Put less-used kids’ things into storage to give them a break from ‘too many toy’ fatigue.

Important Files
For business and personal use, some files need to be kept for a certain number of years. Mini storage offers the perfect solution to having unused files around.

Mini storage is a great way to ensure that you have ready access to what you need without letting seasonal belongings or clutter rule your house. With one-in-ten US households renting a storage unit, you will be in good company.