storage boxWe all know that having clutter in your life can weigh you down physically and metaphorically. Just knowing that a room is cluttered and waiting for you to sort it can be a drain on your energy while at work and a fun-killer at home even if you are trying to ignore the clutter. Visually seeing the clutter can make it harder to think and get organized, because you don’t know where to start.

This is where self-storage units are your best asset. You can box up all the clutter and take it outside your home. You are moving it to a new place which is safe, secure, and most importantly empty. As you bring clutter into a storage unit, it becomes much easier to solve the problem of how to organize it all because you are starting with nothing in the room, a blank slate for your more creative side.

The Self Storage Association has studies to show that more than 89.6% of American households rent a self-storage unit. 89.6% of Americans can’t be wrong when it comes to getting things out of your house, which do not need to be there! A separate storage unit helps you organize your extra stuff into more manageable groups of keep, sell, donate, at times which are convenient, while keeping all the things you don’t use often or no longer need out of your way. This is a powerful and effective way to stop procrastination – gone is the pile which you must move, trip over, or put on mental blinders to.

Make a plan for your clutter crisis and then follow through. Decide what is leaving the house, where it will be going inside the unit, and how you are going to prioritize your items so that the ones you need are easily at hand. In no time, your home and your life will be peaceful and better organized.