Office Mini StorageBusinesses often run into the problem of lacking enough space for their growing companies. Sometimes when a company is expanding, space becomes an issue, which could cause them the need to move to a larger facility. Moving can be very costly, especially since commercial retail is skyrocketing. This is where Browning Park Mini Storage can help.

A storage unit that provides around-the-clock surveillance is highly recommended for business storage.Browning Park Mini Storage is located in a safe and secure area in Benton, Arkansas. They provide a computerized entrance and exit to and from the grounds, and have multiple 24-hour digital surveillance cameras throughout the grounds. In addition to those safety measures, Browning Park is completely fenced and lighted for their renter’s protection.

Browning Park Mini Storage offers storage units of various sizes, some of which are climate controlled. The sizes range from 25 square feet to 300 square feet, but not all sizes have the capability to be climate controlled. Depending on what is being stored will determine which size unit to rent and whether the need for a controlled climate is necessary. Items that have high monetary value or will be staying in the unit for an extended amount of time may require a more constant environment to be stored in. For archiving paperwork or keeping back stock of office supplies, the standard storage unit would be sufficient. However, if the company is storing furniture or medical equipment, a climate controlled unit may be the better option.

Whether your business is looking for short-term or long-term storage, Browning Park Mini Storage has the capacities for both. Self-storage is becoming more popular among a variety of different businesses: lawyers, doctors, retail, restaurants, contractors, and offices. Browning Park Mini Storage is a great way to grow your business without shrinking your wallet.