MotorcycleEvery season has its own special storage requirements. As the weather gets cooler, you probably find that you spend less and less time on your motorcycle.

Riding your motorcycle in warm weather can be exhilarating. And as the weather turns a little cooler, you may not be ready to give up the feeling of freedom you get when on your cycle. After all, it’s not really all that cold yet.

But regardless of how you bundle up to keep yourself warm, the wind often seems much colder once you start flying along on the open road during transition weather. And as fall turns into winter, the frigid wind that hits you if you attempt to ride during cold weather seems to penetrate all the protective layers you wear. And you end up feeling numb to the core.

Yes, it’s time to put your motorcycle away for the winter. Come on over to Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, to find a storage unit where your motorcycle can spend the winter in a clean and safe environment.

And here are some tips to follow in order to prepare your cycle for the best self-storage experience.

Completely Empty the Gas Tank

Condensation can form in a partially empty tank if it’s left for long periods of time. That moisture could get into your fuel. The way to avoid that is to empty the tank completely before you put your cycle into storage.

There has been a myth that filling the tank was the way to avoid condensation, but even a full tank could reach a saturation point where moisture could be absorbed into the fuel. With an empty tank, this is simply not possible.

Change Your Oil

Old oil can get dirty with contaminants that cause damage to seals on your cycle. Change the oil and filters before you store your motorcycle for the winter.

If not in Self-Storage, Remove the Battery

If you decide to get a self-storage unit at Browning Park Mini Storage, you do not need to remove the battery. But if you store your motorcycle in a cold place, the battery will likely die slowly over the winter. You would need to remove the battery and keep it in a warm place. So this is another benefit to choose self-storage.

Repair Rust Spots

If you have any rust on your motorcycle, take care of those spots now. If they are left untreated over a period of several months, the rust can spread and break through painted or protected surfaces near the rust.

Raise the Tires

Tires generally lose pressure over time. The loss of air in the tires combined with the weight of the motorcycle can deflate or damage your tires. The best way to avoid this is to prop your cycle up on a heavy duty bike rack in order to take pressure off your tires.

Visit us at Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, to discuss your storage needs. We have the right size self-storage unit waiting for you.