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Many people have found that a self-storage unit has made their lives easier for many reasons. One reason is that they’ve been able to de-clutter their homes by moving unneeded precious items into storage without having to make painful decisions about getting rid of them permanently.

In fact, some people like changing out some pieces of furniture in their homes with furniture that they’ve kept in self-storage. They say that it almost feels like they’ve bought new furniture when they exchange an item in a storage unit with one that they got tired of seeing every day.

This is just one reason why self-storage has become a way of life for a lot of people. The monthly rental of the self-storage unit can be much less expensive than buying new furniture whenever you get bored.

Evaluate What Size Unit You Will Need

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Whether you want to store items from your business or your home, many people overestimate the amount of space they’ll need, but after a short discussion, we can help you determine just what size unit you’ll need for the items you want to store. And we can advise you on how to best organize your unit for the most efficient use of space.

What Will You Store?

Before you make that decision about what size unit to rent, though, go through all the articles you plan to store. You may want to just move everything that you don’t currently use or need.

That’s the easy way. But that is not the most efficient use of the self-storage space or its cost. In addition, those extra items just add clutter and make it more difficult to access the important items that you will use later on.

It doesn’t make sense to pay the cost of storing items that you will never need or want in the future. So be brutal and make decisions about which items you need to keep and which items will just be taking up valuable space for no reason. Clear out anything that is in that category.

Moving to a Smaller or Larger Unit

Of course, choosing the right size unit when you first rent is ideal, but what if you later find that you judged incorrectly – even with our expert advice?

Once you’ve moved items into your unit and organized them as efficiently as possible, you’ll be able to tell right away whether your unit is the best size for you. If not, no problem. You don’t need to feel locked into your original choice. You have the option to move to a larger or smaller unit at any time.

Review Your Budget Before Renting a Unit

As with any ongoing expense, it is important that you include the cost of a self-storage unit in your budget. If the monthly payment is seen as an ‘extra’ or ‘temporary’ expense, then you may end up resenting the cost. But if you’ve made it part of your regular budget, it will be a routine cost and won’t cause you undue nervousness.

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