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Is your furniture a huge variety of sizes and shapes? Most people answer yes to this question.

You can pack your other items into boxes of similar sizes so that they are easy to stack in a moving van. But a variety of sizes and shapes makes furniture difficult to move from home to home or home to storage.

Visit us at Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, for help with moving. And here are some suggestions to help make your furniture easier to move.

Lighten Up

You don’t want to hurt your back during the moving process, so you’ll want to be smart about how you deal with both boxes and furniture. Many heavy pieces of furniture can be made lighter so that they will be easier to transport.

Take items out of drawers in dressers and desks to make them lighter. Just be sure to put those items in boxes that are labeled with both the contents and the piece of furniture those contents go into.

Some pieces of furniture, such as shelving units, beds, and desks, can be taken apart. Once again, just be sure to label everything to avoid frustration in putting everything back together.

For example, dresser drawers often aren’t interchangeable – even though they all seem to be the same size. So label them with numbers to indicate which one is first, second, and so on.

Avoid lifting whenever possible. One way to do that is to buy sliders for heavy furniture so that you can slide them as far as possible before lifting. In many cases, you can slide furniture all the way to the door before lifting.

Protect Your Furniture

Use bubble wrap, furniture covers, mattress bags, duct tape, etc., to wrap furniture for protection.

Furniture with sharp edges will need extra padding on those edges.

Fragile pieces will also need extra padding.

Before moving day, take inventory and make a list of which items will need extra protection. This will make it easier when you shop for supplies.

Estimate how much you’ll need of packing supplies – and then buy more. When you’re shopping for packing supplies, remember that it’s better to have too many supplies than too few. You’ll probably have other uses later for supplies that don’t get used, but you don’t want to have to run out in the middle of moving day to buy more.

Pack the Moving Truck Wisely

How you place your furniture inside the moving truck will have a huge effect on their safe arrival.

Place boxes along the interior sides of the truck to buffer the furniture as the truck drives along in traffic.

Place blankets or furniture pads on the floor of the truck to provide additional protection for the furniture.

Heaviest furniture should be placed in the truck first – closest to the front.

Store Items in a Self-Storage Unit Temporarily

Maybe you have some items that you’re not ready to get rid of, but they don’t seem to automatically fit into your new home. Perhaps the style isn’t appropriate, or maybe your new home is smaller.

When you find yourself in that position of having to re-evaluate whether to keep some items, putting them into a self-storage unit can take the pressure off until you figure out the next steps.

Visit us at Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, to ascertain whether one of our self-storage units would be help you out during your move.