Storage Box

Have you wondered about using a self-storage unit to solve space and storage problems you have? Continue reading to get answers to some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself.

The self-storage facilities at Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, offer flexible month-to-month terms on units of various sizes. You can pick a small unit if you just need an extra closet. Or you can get a larger unit for furniture that you’re saving for a special reason, such as when your son moves into his own apartment.

Maybe you need extra space for only a short time. Or maybe you live in a place that just doesn’t have enough storage room so you need extra space on an ongoing basis.

Either way, if you have items that you don’t use on a daily basis, self-storage can be a practical solution to keep those things that you don’t want cluttering up your regular living area.

Self-Storage for Seasonal Items

If you face the problem of what to do with winter clothing during the summer or camping equipment during the winter, self-storage is an obvious solution. Our self-storage units at Browning Park Mini Storage are easy to access so that you can store those seasonal items and still get to them very easily when you need to.

Self-Storage for Items You Will Need Later

Do you have a crib that you’re saving for a baby who won’t arrive for several months – or perhaps even a couple of years?

Do you have children’s clothing and toys that you want to hold onto for a friend’s baby to grow into?

Do you need a great hiding place for birthday and Christmas presents?

Do you need a temporary place to keep fragile items like porcelain knick-knacks or vases until your toddler is older?

You can probably think of many other situations like these. A self-storage unit is the perfect answer to provide the kind of space you want or need.

Self-Storage for Each Family Member

Think about other members of your family. They might like to take advantage of de-cluttering their space as well. You could allocate a certain amount of space in a self-storage unit to each family member and encourage them to choose what will go into space you’ve assigned them.

This solution could be especially useful if your children share a bedroom. You could turn the situation into a teaching lesson so that your children learn a little about their responsibility toward others that they share space with.

You could have separate shelving units for each person in one large unit. Or you might decide to rent two or more smaller units so that family members could have extra space that is completely their own.

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