One of the special treats of the holidays is all of the lights and decorations. From Halloween thru New Year, there seems to be a never-ending stream of inflatables, lights, and novelty decorations appearing in every neighborhood ushering in the holiday season. However, if you are one of the spirited individuals who gladly put up these displays for your neighbors to enjoy, you know storing these items for nine or more months of the year can be a task. So, what exactly can you do to stash away your valuable holiday décor items? Store them off-site. Here’s why.

Storage space in the home or rather the lack of storage space is a common complaint for many homeowners. Storing your expensive holiday decorations and inflatables shouldn’t add to your home’s limited storage conditions when you can easily and safely store these cherished possessions in an enclosed, secure facility close to home. Renting a storage unit to store your Christmas decorations allows you to easily find your decorations the next year without having to move them around throughout the year to get to other things, or cramming them into tight spaces where they can get broken. Benefits of using a storage facility:

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Better Organization of Belongings
  • All of your Decorations in One Location
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind until you need them
  • More Storage Space for MORE Fun Decorations

Let your holiday celebration creativity sore without worrying about where you will be storing your delightful blow-ups, lights, pop-ups, and statues for the next year.

Using a mini-storage unit to store these items also gives you greater fluidity in how you organize and position them when storing different types of ornaments. Because, some things are more ornate or delicate than others, this organizational flexibility helps protect the more delicate items from being crushed, smashed, or destroyed by accident.

As with keeping your items from being crushed, some decorations should be stored flat and not standing to prevent them from warping, such as wreaths. Larger outdoor wreaths can be difficult to store in the proper positioning at home. Just another way that having a mini-storage unit pays off.

When looking for a quality, reputable mini-storage facility in your area, check out Browning Park Mini-Storage. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to help you with your storage needs and get you set-up.