As the school year ends, you may be dreading the idea of hauling all of your college student’s belongings home for the summer. The back-breaking work of packing, carting, and moving everything back just so you can spend the summer tripping over it and end up doing the whole process in reverse in three months can be a daunting task. So, why not do things the easy way and store your student’s belongings for the summer at a facility near the school?

Cost Effective

Using a mini storage facility to store your students belonging over the summer is actually a cost-effective method of handling the summer break. When you compare the costs of renting a truck or trailer, gas, and lodging both bringing your student home and returning them to school, to the expense of a monthly mini storage rental it is hands down cheaper financially to store your students stuff rather than cart it back and forth.

Less Wear and Tear

Repeatedly moving your belongings creates excess wear and tear, especially when moving over long distances. Using a mini storage facility to store your items minimizes the amount of shuffling, bouncing, and jiggling that happens during transport and decreases the chances of your items becoming damaged during transit. This saves you money in the long run from having to replace items.

Better for your Back

Any parent with a student in college understands how back breaking the process of moving their student is. When you choose to use a mini storage to store your student’s belongings until the next term, you make moving simpler. Since the facility will typically be closer to the dorms than home, you can make smaller trips to the unit and pack things in a more manageable manner.

Have what you Need Next Term

Storing your items allows you to pack everything away and stop thinking about it. It minimizes the likelihood of forgetting items that you brought home and having to replace them.

Secure and Out of Sight

Lastly but definitely not least, storing your belongings means those boxes and bags are not having to be stored on the home front taking up valuable home or garage storage space. Utilizing a storage unit protects your student’s belongings better than storing them in the garage since they will not be shifted around or stacked upon throughout the summer break, as often happens in the garage.

Storing your student’s belongings over the summer is a cost-effective, low-impact, secure way to bring your student home for the break without having to spend the summer looking at all of their stuff, and Browning Park Mini Storage is here to help you get your student’s move organized. Contact us today to see how we can help you.