No matter where you live for most parents the words, “snow day” or “school closed” are a mixed blessing. The idea of getting to sleep in and not having to drive in the icy rush hour masses is heavenly. However, the concept of bored children running wild around the house all day is less appealing. So, what can you do to keep your children and adolescents entertained in a healthy non-technology manner? Have a reuse and creative craft day.

Reuse and Cherish

Canceled school days are perfect for cleaning out old t-shirts, ties and socks to open up space and energy flow throughout the home. Have your kids go through their closets, drawers, and bedrooms sorting out those items that they never wear or are too damaged to wear and use these discarded items to teach your children to make cleaver items out of the materials. Here are a few crafts to get you started.

  • Sock Puppets – One of the easiest craft projects you can do with any age child is making sock puppets. Depending on the age of those participating, you can use glue to adhere felt and googly eyes, nose, and mouth, or sew these details on via needle and thread or embroidering. Added project pull out some old boxes and have them build their own puppet theater and put on a puppet show.
  • Braided Rugs – If you have a bunch of old t-shirts or worn out towels, this is a great way to repurpose them. Start by tearing or cutting them into even strips. Braid the strips together 3 at a time creating same sized braided ropes. Stitch the ropes together to complete the throw rugs and enjoy.
  • Quilt Squares – This is another good project for children of all ages since you can sew, use fabric paint, and adhere decorations with fabric glue or iron on adhesive webbing. Have your little ones design their own quilt squares and then show them how to attach them together for their very own cuddle throw.
  • Braided Placemats – This project is similar to the rug project, but I would recommend using old ties for this project as the size works better and the finished edges create a more finished appearance for your table setting.
  • Cleaver Hair Ties – Tube socks make great hair ties and bun rollers. Simply cut 2 inches from the top of the tube sock and roll the snipped portion to create a band. Continue to cut 2-inch strips for additional hair ties and curlers. Any long socks with elastic in the ankle portion will work.

These are great ways to stimulate fine motor skills, creativity, and teach your youngsters important life skills in a fun way while keeping them occupied for hours.

Once you have gone through your home’s stored items, don’t forget to take a peak in your storage for more creative ideas and reuse materials. Or, if this process has led you to realize it may be time for you to get a storage unit, call Browning Park Storage and let the friendly knowledgeable associates help you figure out exactly what you need.