As summer approaches, the idea of vacations and weekend get-a-ways are probably percolating through your mind. That makes this the perfect time to evaluate your luggage and if it still fits your travel needs. Airlines have become much more stringent regarding carry-on luggage and the number of checkable items allowed, and most airlines have adopted the philosophy of charging for at least checked bags. These travel industry changes over the past decade or more come at an exorbitant cost to travelers, making it good travel sense to invest in a great set of luggage that fits all your travel needs as well as travel industry policies. Here are a few tips and insights to help you decide on what works best for your personal and business needs.

Whether for business or pleasure every trip has its own trip-specific packing needs, which can make having exactly what you need to pack it in every time you travel problematic. That’s why it’s important to think big picture;

  • What activities will you be doing?
  • What is the weather forecasts for your trip destination and return?
  • Do you need to take toiletries or will the destination provide these items?
  • Will you need your electronic devices while traveling?
  • Depending on where you are traveling to, will your electronic devices work?

Answering these questions will assist you in determining exactly what you will and will not need to bring with you helping minimize over-packing and dictate the size and amount of luggage you need; because let’s face it, we all over-pack to some extent and now that over-packing will cost you hard-earned cash at the luggage check-in.

Types of Luggage

Besides luggage coming in soft or hard sided versions, you will find that there are other features to consider like:

  • Laptop Compartments
  • Wheels or No Wheels
  • Wheel Type and Direction
  • Fragile Item Compartments
  • Main Compartment Depth (Do the pull-handle and wheel mechanisms take up space in this compartment.) You’ll want plenty of room for shoes and bulkier items.

Then when you get to Carry-On luggage you will want to consider shoulder strap vs backpack styles, mini-pockets for IDs, passports, personal contact information, itineraries, tickets, and personal items such as change, lip balm or gum. Women will want to decide on whether or not to use a purse, or incorporate these items into the carry-on bag for more convenience and pack a small purse for using during the trip.

Folding and Condensing

Learning the proper and most efficient method of packing your luggage will allow you to carry more items without having to sit on suitcases or carry additional luggage. Packing each case correctly also allows you to opt for smaller suitcases and carry-on bags minimizing potential back injuries from lifting heavy bulky over-sized items overhead and from awkward positions when loading and unloading luggage from cars, overhead compartments, and conveyor belts. Choosing the correct luggage set to fit your many travel needs will minimize stress and injuries, ensure you have what you need with you when you need it, decrease surprises, and increase your ability to enjoy yourself. Then when you get back from your vacation fun, head on over to Browning Park Mini Storage for a convenient place to store your new and old luggage and other seasonally used