Now that the holidays have past and not only has a new year begun but also a new decade, it’s the perfect time to get things in order for a more plentiful and prosperous year ahead. Going through belongings and purging those items that have long since lost their appeal, cleaning out storage units, closets, pantries, and drawers is a great way to start. Doing so not only clears out space, increases air and energy flow, reduces dust, and eliminates junk, it also reminds you of what you have tucked away. Below are some other ways you can start the new decade out in a more organized and harmonious manner.

Purging Good for the Soul

It is all too easy to create clutter and chaos during a busy day, week, month, year, creating a stressful environment and mindset; making the purging process more than a time for housecleaning. It’s also a spectacular opportunity for meditation and emotional and mental purging. Cleaning is not most people’s idea of a relaxing good time. However, using the time it takes to do a deep clean to incorporate some kind of meditation or self-help ritual makes cleaning more enjoyable while killing two birds with one stone. How do you combine these two? Here are a few suggestions to kickstart your inner Guru.

Music Soothes the Savage Beast – No matter how bad your day or task, playing just the right music for your desired mood is a tried and true method of transitioning your mood and energy levels. Choose music that will promote positive memories, emotions, and thoughts as you move through more tedious tasks.

Sorting Out PicturesIn a digital world, it is easy to lose track of the masses of images taken and stored. Printed photos are equally as cumbersome when you consider all the attempts we take to get just the right picture. Spending some of your deep cleaning time to clear out pictures that are fuzzy, have poor lighting, are jumbled, etc. This should be done for both hard copy and digital forms on tablets, computers, cellphones, and other electronic forms. Doing so not only clears out storage space for more memories, but it also allows you to take a trip down memory lane, purging residual emotions and energy in the process while reigniting positive memories.

Listen to Your Favorite Audio Book – Mental relaxation and purging come in many different forms such as listening to music, meditation, and even listening to audiobooks. Focusing your attention on the storyline and voice speaking to you as you do mundane tasks such as cleaning allows your subconscious to breathe and take a much-needed break and brings you back into a calmer more centered frame of mind.

Cleaning is one of those necessary tasks that we all have to do and all too often procrastinate on. Whether it’s a task you enjoy or not, it is easy to incorporate relaxation and meditation techniques into your chores increasing the enjoyment as well as providing yourself with much needed internal “you” time. Pull out those old records, audiobooks, or turn on your favorite meditation music and start your year off with a healthy mindset and a clean, organized environment.

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