As we celebrate the passing of 2019 and enter into the new year 2020, it draws my mind to all of my cherished family Christmas tree ornaments and holiday decorations that I missed getting to hang this year. With my belongings all still residing in the safety of my two storage units as I continue my home build process, I wasn’t able to hang my grandfather’s ornament that always brings back important memories or my children’s annual ornaments that always portrayed their interests. So, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane this way instead, and write an article on some classic ornaments or decorations that you might even have in your own storage.

My Childhood Favorites

Vintage Indent Reflective Tulip Ornaments – One of my favorite holiday memories growing up spending so much time with my maternal grandparents was decorating their “Charlie Brown” pipe cleaner style fake tree with their extremely old and unique reflective ornaments. Although the ornaments shown in the provided link are not quite the same in color these definitely bring back happy memories.

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments – Between my mother’s candy cane and lollypop ornaments that looked so real my cousin kept trying to eat them as a kid, and my paternal grandmother’s glitter-covered blown glass Santa, it’s impossible not to have a holiday memory that doesn’t include hand-blown glass ornaments.

Holly Encrusted Peace Ornament – This was one of the first ornaments I received for my tree when I moved out on my own. Everything else was handmade. Great memories. I think I even still have the bell.

Other Nostalgic Holiday Favorites

Pickle and Chili Pepper Ornaments – Although I have never truly understood this craze, I can remember quite vividly witnessing many a pickle or chili pepper ornament adorning a surprisingly large number of trees throughout my life.

Chenille Candy Cane Ornaments – Why settle for pipe cleaners when you have Chenile. They may not taste as good as the real candy canes, but they always fill-in the gaps quite well where the real candy canes were after they start disappearing.

Finial Tree Tops – This is one of those collectibles that can be worth quite a bit in the collector’s circuit since due to their delicate nature original ornaments of this type are rare in comparison to their knock-off off-spring that flood the marketplace.

Icycle Ornaments – These are not the icicle streamers that were so common to be strewn in clumps around at least one family member’s tree. These are the glass ornaments that came in a variety of shapes and sizes from strung glass beads to ornaments molded into the shape of icicles.

As you take the time to clean up after the crazy holiday rush, take the time to reflect on past holiday memories and new cherished memories from this season that you will be able to look back on for years to come. Then, when you need a place to store all of those valued memories, Browning Park Mini Storage a call.