With all the spare time on your hands being a responsible citizen and self-quarantining, you’re probably looking for something to do. Mandated stay-at-home time is perfect for getting a head start on some of those creative spring projects to make your outdoor space a one-of-a-kind show-piece. Here are a few clever ideas to use items that you may have lying around or in storage for cute whimsical planters.

Almost anything can be used to make a one-of-a-kind planter or flower pot as long as it is sturdy enough to withstand the elements and hold its contents in place. When looking for items to reuse for this purpose remember that it will need to provide drainage, security, and stability for your plants.

Indoor or Patio Planter Ideas

  • Old Boots – An old boot that has lost its mate is a great resource for a nostalgic planter. Simply poke a couple of small holes randomly in the sole of the boot, fill the toe and foot of the boot with gravel for stability and proper drainage, and then fill to within an inch or two from the top of the boot with potting soil. Gently tamp down to settle lose soil into the rock crevices and plant flowers or foliage allowing vines and leaves to cascade over the top for a full look.
  • Hanging Shoe Racks – For a wall or hanging planter, fill each compartment of a sturdy plastic or vinyl hanging shoe rack with a thin layer of smooth rock and cover with potting soil. Plant herbs flowers or shallow rooting vegetables such as lettuce in each compartment then hang in a sunny or semi-sunny location. This makes a great herb garden for fresh herbs anytime you want them.
  • Kitchen Items – Rusty strainers or coffee pots make great reuse planters for a stunning farmhouse look.

Yard Decor Planters

  • Old Backyard Kids Toys – Once the kids have outgrown their turtle pool or dilapidated wagon, don’t send it to the dump. Instead, give it a facelift with some paint and TLC then repurpose it into a lovely garden planter.
  • Used Tires – This is one that is very versatile, since tires can be used individually, in groups, or as materials for making a planter. If you’re going to cut the tire to use it as materials, you will need something that cuts through metal since modern tires are steel belted. Make sure to wear heavy gloves and eye protection.
  • Dilapidated Trash Cans – Old trash 30-gallon trash cans are a great source for making rain-barrels as well as large planters. You will want to place them in the location where they will remain or secure them to sturdy casters of some sort before filling the cans as they will be extremely heavy once filled. For rain barrels, you will want to cover the water retention cans with mosquito-proof mesh that allows water in but debris is wicked away. Adding a couple of pieces of PVC and a downspout provides easy access to accumulated water for watering flower beds, feeding drip hoses, and other yard watering needs.

Staying home doesn’t mean that you have to be bored. Clearing out some unused items from your storage and turning them into amazing gardening planters for your yard or patio will keep you occupied and stimulate your creative side.

Don’t forget that April is Autism Awareness Month when decorating your projects. Using blue in your design or incorporating the Autism Awareness blue ribbon into your design is a great way to show your support. And as always, Browning Park Mini Storage is here to support you through these trying times, keeping your valuables safe and sound until you can get back to them. If you have any questions or concerns about your unit, please give one of our helpful staff a call.